Opening up data to accelerate NTD research and development

Data from NTD R&D study made publicly available on DNDi website, writes lead author in The Lancet Global Health blog.

4 March 2014

The Lancet Global Health blog featured DNDi epidemiologist Belen Pédrique, who last year published a study highlighting the lack of R&D in NTDs. In her blog post, Dr. Pédrique now explains her team's decision to make all the study data publicly available. The public data sharing page, hosted on DNDi's website, has full datasets from the study and is freely accessible to all. The datasets include details of all 850 new therapeutic products identified in their analysis as well as the 123 new products currently in development for NTDs.

Similarly, all maps, data and content on the GAHI website are available on an open access basis in order to encourage data sharing and contribute to a collective pool of knowledge. Read more about our licencing policy. We are based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, which shares our ethos and is a strong advocate of open access data sharing. As such, we commend DNDi's initative and hope more researchers and institutions follow suit.