Podcast: Mapping NTDs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

15 August 2014

From 4-8 August we conducted our short course on Modern Tools for NTD Control Programmes at the Ethiopia Public Health Institute in Addis Ababa. We were grateful to have a great group of participants from different parts of the country, all working in different capacities towards NTD control. We were also very lucky to have facilitating support from Kebede Deribe, a Wellcome Trust Training Fellow at the Brighton & Sussex Medical School, based in Addis.

Kebede is mapping podoconiosis in Ethiopia for his PhD research, which he blogged about for us last year. Podoconiosis is one of the 17 neglected tropical diseases recognised by WHO, and it is a form of elephantiasis arising in barefoot subsistence farmers who are in long-term contact with irritant red clay soil of volcanic origins. Kebede took some time off teaching during our course to speak to GAHI's Nina about his research, podoconiosis, and the course, as well as the role of mapping in disease control. 

This podcast was originally published in the website of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. 

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