Control planning map

We are currently updating our control planning maps. 

These maps identify which districts require mass treatment, based on the treatment recommendations by WHO and guided by the predictive risk maps. These maps also show where further worm surveys would be useful. Recommendations are given at the second administrative level – typically defined as the district – which is the level at which control decisions are usually made. The control planning maps are a valuable tool for the rational targeting of treatment and the efficient design of further surveys.

For further technical information regarding district classification, see the accompanying technical document.

Soil-transmitted helminths

We are currently updating our STH control planning maps. Outdated maps showed that mass deworming was indicated if >33% of the district population live in an area where prevalence exceeds either the 20% or 50% thresholds. Areas for which the model predicts poorly, and  where further worm surveys should probably be carried out, were indicated in yellow.


We are currently updating our schistosomiasis control planning maps


Examples of control planning maps for STH in Eritrea, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Central African Republic, showing recommended intervention districts and areas where additional surveys would be useful.