Contribute your data

Would you be interested in providing school or community-level estimates from your STH, schistosomiasis and lymphatic filariasis survey data to the Global Atlas of Helminth Infections?

We only need the following information:  

  • name of school/community and geographical co-ordinates (if known)

  • number of stool samples examined

  • number of urine samples examined

  • number positive for hookworm

  • number positive for Ascaris

  • number positive for Trichuris

  • number positive for S. mansoni

  • number positive for S. haematobium

If you don't know the co-ordinates of the survey, we will be able to geolocate the villages using GIS databases. Only the school/community-level data summary will be included in the database and developed maps, and all contributions would be acknowledged. Our maps are possible thanks to the generous contribution of data and support from various individuals and institutions worldwide. Acknowledgements for each map are provided in individual map pages. Please let us know if you think we've missed someone. 

Please email the project team if you wish to contribute your own data.