Search for or create your own distribution maps of neglected tropical diseases transmitted by worms: soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH), schistosomiasis and lymphatic filariasis (LF).

Scroll down to browse our extensive suite of static maps by location, worm or map type, or select find a map to search for a specific map. Alternatively, the dynamic create a map web map application allows you to explore and visualise our epidemiological data and develop your own bespoke maps.

The primary use of our maps is to support the planning and implementation of NTD control programmes, including deworming campaigns. They can be used to:

  • define numbers at risk of infection with helminths and determine areas requiring mass treatment;
  • forecast drug needs and costs for albendazole and mebendazole (for STH), praziquantel (for schistosomiasis) and albendazole and ivermectin/DEC (for LF);
  • assess the roll-out and progress of LF elimination programmes.

Our maps are possible thanks to the generous contribution of data and support from various individuals and institutions worldwide. Acknowledgements for each map are provided in individual map pages. Please let us know if you think we've missed someone. 

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