Create a map

Can't find the exact map you're looking for? Or want to explore our data in a little more depth? Then take a look at our dynamic web map applications.

These collate all our epidemiological data into a freely available resource, allowing users to interact with the data and create their own custom maps.

  • Zoom into a country or region of interest
  • Select the data you want to show, and refine by characteristics including year and diagnostic
  • View species-specific breakdowns to better understand which species dominate transmission
  • Overlay different data sources, and explore co-distribution of infection and contextual characteristics
  • Tailor map layouts and print them in different formats

GAHI Map Web App: Lymphatic Filariasis

GAHI Map Web App: STH and Schistosomiasis

Global atlas for STH and schisto interactive web app Global atlas for STH and schisto interactive web app

Click to download user manual  (PDF 1MB)

 Click to download user manual (PDF 1MB)