TUMIKIA technician preparing slides for analysis using the kato-katz technique
25 May 2017

Innovative TUMIKIA research project nears completion

Over the past two years, researchers from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the Kenya Medical Research Institute have been...
Patients in Ethiopia receiving treatment for podoconiosis
4 May 2017

A new initiative to map a little known disease brings hope of elimination

Even amongst public health professionals podoconiosis (or endemic non-filarial elephantiasis) is one of the more neglected of the neglected tropica
Community health worker collecting survey data
4 April 2017

Bringing NTD data to the masses

Reliable, up-to-date maps and data identifying the location and levels of parasitic worm infections are essential tools in the targeting and...
Community Health Volunteer on route to deworm
9 December 2016

Deworming 300,000 in Kenya – a photo essay

In October and November 2016, researchers from the London Applied &am
Claire Gwayi-Chore with survey team lead Jamal enroute to survey women in Kwale
24 November 2016

How do women perceive the risks and rewards of deworming during pregnancy?

It is unfortunately common practice for women of reproductive age to be excluded from
TUMIKIA field officers (Photo: William Oswald)
4 August 2016

What 26,000 stool samples can tell us

As the TUMIKIA project reaches its halfway point,
12 June 2015

Uncovering the global epidemiology of yaws

A recent paper in the Lancet Global Health reviews the global epidemiology of yaws to reveal the geographic scope of this neglected tropical disease...
29 May 2015

Community-based deworming: Developing effective trainings and materials

Claire Gwayi-Chore is Senior Associate for Project Implementation and Communications for the Deworm the World Initiative at Evidence Action. She...
LF microfilaria, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
10 April 2015

The global atlas of lymphatic filariasis

Jorge Cano Ortega is a research fellow within the GAHI team and an expert on GIS and lymphatic filariasis. He is lead author on a recent paper...
11 February 2015

The NTD Supply Chain Forum

The NTD Supply Chain Forum is a collaboration ensuring donated drugs reach those who need them most. In this article, GSK's Director of Supply...
7 November 2014

Mapping access to water and sanitation in India

Jessica King is a student at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine completing her MSc in Control of Infectious Diseases. She spent the...
17 October 2014

Introducing The Global Health Network: a knowledge-sharing digital platform

The Global Health Network is a digital platform that aims to advance research by providing a mechanism that facilitates collaboration and resource-...
15 August 2014

Podcast: Mapping NTDs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

From 4-8 August we conducted our short course on Modern Tools for NTD Control Programmes at the Ethiopia Public Health Institute i
26 July 2014

Memories from Argentina course

Salta, Argentina, was home to the first Spanish version of our short course on modern tools for NTD control programmes. Julio César Minutti, a...
Darfur, Sudan. Photo property of UNAMID.
8 April 2014

Mapping water and sanitation across Africa

New sub-national water and sanitation maps reveal the deprived populations hidden within national statistics.
GAHI map: predictive risk of STH in Nigeria
3 February 2014

Learning to map NTDs during course in Abuja

A participant of our short course in Abuja recounts his experience learning about mapping neglected tropical diseases.
Dengue and yellow fever vector, Stegomyia aegypti (formerly Aedes aegypti) mosquito biting a human. U.S. Department of Agriculture
19 November 2013

Developing a framework for Integrated Vector Control

Jorge Cano Ortega is a member of the GAHI team working primarily on the mapping of lymphatic filariasis in Africa and Asia. He presented his research...
Liya Assefa and Tom Crellen in Bungoma, Kenya
17 September 2013

Student field work: STH diagnostics in Bungoma

Tom Crellen and Liya Assefa are completing their MSc studies at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. For their summer projects they...
Image property of Dominic Nahr/Magnum/Sightsavers
7 August 2013

Mapping trachoma: data collection and approval

GAHI’s sister website, the Global Atlas of Trachoma (GAT), is an open-access resource on the geographical distribution of trachoma. Rebecca Mann...
ICT test during podoconiosis surveying
20 July 2013

Mapping of lymphatic filariasis and podoconiosis in Ethiopia

Kebede Deribe is a Wellcome Trust Fellow based in Addis Ababa working on the integrated mapping of podoconiosis and lymphatic filariasis in Ethiopia...
Participants, staff and facilitators of the one-week course
24 May 2013

Reviewing our course on modern tools for NTD control programmes

Following our week-long course on modern tools for NTD control programmes, Prof. Sammy Njenga, director of ESACIPAC, writes a guest post to review...
GIS training for NTD control programme staff in Liberia
3 April 2013

GIS and GPS training to NTD control programme staff in Liberia

Dr. Jorge Cano Ortega, research fellow at GAHI, recently travelled to Monrovia, Liberia, to teach a course for programme officers in NTD control. He...
David Addiss, image property of CWW.
1 March 2013

Mapping for a disease-free world

Children Without Worm’s director, Dr. David Addiss, writes for GAHI about CWW’s use of GAHI maps and the critical role of mapping in disease control.
STH survey data map of Kenya
18 February 2013

New maps for Kenya and Nigeria available now

Updated survey maps for soil-transmitted helminths (STHs) and schistosome infection in Kenya and Nigeria are newly available. You can also now...