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15 August 2014

Podcast: Mapping NTDs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

From 4-8 August we conducted our short course on Modern Tools for NTD Control Programmes at the Ethiopia Public Health Institute i
26 July 2014

Memories from Argentina course

Salta, Argentina, was home to the first Spanish version of our short course on modern tools for NTD control programmes. Julio César Minutti, a...
23 June 2014

67th WHA NTD side event

The 67th World Health Assembly took place from 19-24 May 2014 in Geneva with a side event on NTDs.
10 June 2014

ISNTD Water conference

ISNTD Water 2014 will bring together stakeholders involved in the development of safe water, sanitation infrastructure and hygiene programmes for...
10 June 2014

New paper finds treatment levels and frequency need to be higher to cut STH transmission

A paper published today in Parasites & Vectors found that treatment levels and frequency must be much higher if STH transmission is to be...
20 May 2014

RSTMH Biennial Meeting

The next RSTMH Biennial Meeting will take place in Oxford Thursday 25 to Saturday 27 September 2014.
16 May 2014

Join the NTD discussion at the World Health Assembly on 22 May

UKCNTD and the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria will host a special session on the control and elimination of NTDs at the World Health Assembly...
30 April 2014


The IX Meeting of the Spanish Society of Tropical Medicine and International Health will take place on 13 June 2013 in the National Centre of...
11 April 2014

Uniting to Combat NTDs progress report and Lancet editorial

The April 2014 London Declaration meeting in Paris included the release of Uniting to Combat NTD's 2013 progress report.
Darfur, Sudan. Photo property of UNAMID.
8 April 2014

Mapping water and sanitation across Africa

New sub-national water and sanitation maps reveal the deprived populations hidden within national statistics.
2 April 2014

New GAHI website

The Global Atlas of Helminth Infections re-launches website with new look, features and maps.
Image from the Centers for Disease Control
14 March 2014

World Water Day 2014

World Water Day 2014 and NTDs: 2.5 billion people around the world currently lack access to WASH, leading to increased risk of NTD infection.
4 March 2014

Opening up data to accelerate NTD research and development

Data from NTD R&D study made publicly available on DNDi website, writes lead author in The Lancet Global Health blog.
Anopheles gambiae
25 February 2014

Nigeria launches Africa’s first malaria and lymphatic filariasis elimination co-implementation plan

The Nigeria Federal Ministry of Health launched an elimination co-implementation plan for malaria and lymphatic filariasis. This combined nationwide...
Photo property of Maher Sattar, IRIN.
12 February 2014

Launch: WASH and NTDs Manual for WASH Implementers

A manual for WASH implementers has been developed to address the need for integration of WASH factors with control of NTDs.
5 February 2014

Malaria Consortium’s 10th anniversary symposium

The Malaria Consortium will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a symposium on Tuesday 25th February 2014 in London.
GAHI map: predictive risk of STH in Nigeria
3 February 2014

Learning to map NTDs during course in Abuja

A participant of our short course in Abuja recounts his experience learning about mapping neglected tropical diseases.
28 January 2014

Results of health and literacy intervention published in PLoS Med

School-based intermittent screening and treatment programmes for malaria may be unsuccessful in low to moderate transmission areas, according to the...
Property of the Centers for Disease Control
21 January 2014

New estimates of global STH infection burden published in Parasites & Vectors

A new paper from the GAHI team published in Parasites & Vectors explains global numbers of infection and disease burden of soil-transmitted...
Image property of the Centers for Disease Control.
9 January 2014

NTDs: disease control is about much more than drugs

The Guardian's Global Development Professionals Network published an article today about the need to focus on other aspects of NTD control besides...
28 November 2013

New STH and schistosomiasis maps for Philippines and 16 African countries

New maps are available for 16 African countries and the Philippines showing survey data for soil-transmitted helminths (STH) and schistosomiasis. New...
Dengue and yellow fever vector, Stegomyia aegypti (formerly Aedes aegypti) mosquito biting a human. U.S. Department of Agriculture
19 November 2013

Developing a framework for Integrated Vector Control

Jorge Cano Ortega is a member of the GAHI team working primarily on the mapping of lymphatic filariasis in Africa and Asia. He presented his research...
Elephantiasis sufferer in Sri Lanka.
31 October 2013

Japanese pharma starts drug donations for lymphatic filariasis

Japanese pharma giant Eisai has begun its free supply of medicine to help eliminate lymphatic filariasis.
Flag of Uganda
7 October 2013

Uganda launches national NTD elimination plan

Last Friday 5 October Uganda launched its national NTD control and elimination plan. The launch took place in Entebbe and was attended by Uganda's...