About the download data

GAHI is grounded in exhaustive, structured searches of historical and contemporary formal and grey literature. These surveys were conducted by many individuals and institutions, and the assembled results are not owned by GAHI. We have made these datasets available on a free and unrestricted basis either when we have release permission from the author, or when the data is fully published elsewhere.

At present, approximately half of the survey records viewable on our maps have been made available for download. To correctly attribute the data sources, the full citation(s) for each data point is provided in the data download. You’ll also receive a text file together with your dataset that can be imported into a reference manager containing a full bibliography for your downloaded dataset.

Help build the map

Interested in contributing your school or community-level survey estimates of STH, schistosomiasis and lymphatic filariasis to the Global Atlas of Helminth Infections? Please get in touch