GIS basic training

As part of the course materials for our week long course, Modern Tools for NTD Control Programmes, we have developed a series of GIS practicals to build capacity in NTD mapping. We have chosen to run them with Quantum GIS, an open source mapping software which you can download free of charge. We have developed all practicals in both English and Spanish for versions 1.8 and 2.0 of Quantum GIS. The practicals are designed to be useful as stand alone resources, but please contact us if you have any questions or feedback. 

The sample data are the same across both languages and software versions. The datasets used are for Kenya and consist of geographical data of administrative boundaries and epidemiological data for soil-transmitted helminths from a 2012 survey. The data is also available to download for practice purposes from the pages below.

Practicals for users of Quantum GIS 2.0

Practical 1: Becoming familiar with Quantum GIS interface and GIS features

Practical 2: Managing data tables and creating spatial data sets

Practical 3: Analysing spatial data sets

Practical 4: Processing GIS data

Practical 5: Data management for mapping

Appendix 1: Quantum GIS main interface and glossary of terms

Appendix 2: Layer properties dialog

Appendix 3: Downloading data points from a GPS device to Quantum GIS


Data for GIS practicals 1-3

Data for GIS practical 4

Data for GIS practical 5


Practicals for users of older versions of Quantum GIS

Practicals in Spanish: All versions of Quantum GIS